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This website is dedicated to sharing the true gospel of Jesus Christ. We are a small church, but we are working in a big way to reach out with replays of our classes and sermons. We currently have


64 Sermon Replays

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representing over 93 hours of available scriptural study and messages on our website. Come back often and study with us as these numbers continue to grow in service to God!

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What are services like
at Zion’s Branch?


Daily Devotional


Have You Considered?

Priesthood Offices of High Priest, Seventy or First Presidency?


That it is not the church as an organization that has the power of salvation?


What beliefs you hold with a firm and steadfast faith?


The atonement of Jesus Christ does not absolve our responsibility to learn and be obedient to all the points of his doctrine?


What it means to put the “needs” of God or Jesus Christ before your own?


What the fullness of the gospel as contained in the Inspired Version and Book of Mormon say about the priesthood office of Seventy?


The Two Standard Books Of The Gospel?

What do you believe?
Dove backlite by sun

It is a question many choose not to answer at all or to answer indirectly. However, it is our desire to put down in plain text those beliefs we hold as truth. This statement represents a summary of our beliefs as a church which we hold as a unified group of people, because as the Apostle Paul said: “I beseech you brethren, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that you all speak the same thing, and that there be no divisions among you; but that you be perfectly joined together in the same mind and in the same judgement.” (click here to read more)


Saints Admonition
A message to the Restoration from Pastor Ron Perkins


Silouhette of Praying Man

While earnestly contemplating and in sincere prayer concerning the Lord’s will regarding His church and His people, it has come to my mind by the power of His Holy Spirit that it is time for all things to be set in order.
The restoration of the fullness of the gospel is true; however, man has perverted and changed the everlasting gospel into something totally against God’s teachings. (click here to read more)


Basic Principles of the Doctrine of Jesus Christ

Christ Teaching

The scriptures bear witness that Jesus Christ is the son of God and he is the head of the church. Jesus Christ is our Savior and his way is the only way to salvation. In order to be a part of his church we must believe the doctrine he brought to us from God the Father. A church can only call its doctrine “truth” if it is in harmony with the word of God. We must be united in doctrine here on earth and our doctrine must be in harmony with Jesus Christ’s.

Jesus Christ established very specific principles for the salvation of mankind. These principles are: Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Laying on of hands, Resurrection of the dead and Eternal Judgment. (click here to read more).