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Have You Considered? Beliefs

 Saints of the Restoration
“Have You Considered?”

There are many beliefs that we hold with a very firm and steadfast faith. But have you considered that in effect, our souls and the souls of our children depend upon the truthfulness of these beliefs?


We of the Restoration must embrace the opportunities we get when someone questions our beliefs.  We need to be certain of exactly what the Word of God says and avoid the doctrines of men.


The Restoration came about as a result of a young man questioning why people believed the way they did. As the inheritors of the Restored Gospel, we should also raise questions as to whether the truth restored in 1830 is the same as the “truth” proclaimed today.


To be sincere, dedicated and believe with all your heart in a doctrine is a very comforting thought.  But are you willing to lay down your life, and even your very soul, based on a false doctrine?


There are about as many different beliefs as there are Restoration groups. Isn’t it about time we, as a people that claim we believe in the Restored Gospel, agreed on the words of truth from the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ rather than settling for a doctrine perverted by man?


The priesthood and members of the Church of Jesus Christ Zion’s Branch are dedicated to the promotion of the true gospel. We urge you to decide for yourself whether the Restoration beliefs commonly held today are actually based on the truth as restored in 1830 or whether they have added to or taken away from the gospel of Jesus Christ and are not of God.


If you would like to learn more about the gospel as it was originally restored and God’s will for His chosen people, the House of Israel, we invite you to attend our services at Zion’s Branch.

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