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Have You Considered? Salvation and Obedience

The following message was published in The Examiner, a Independence, Missouri newspaper. The purpose of the article is to provide truthful, substantiated information designed to tell exactly what the Word of God says and how to avoid the doctrines of men.

Saints of the Restoration
“Have You Considered?”
Published March 15th, 2008

Around Easter, Christians often turn their thoughts to Jesus Christ and the hope of salvation that comes from his sacrifice on the cross and subsequent resurrection. Many Christian churches go so far as to base their entire doctrine on this single point. The message that results from this doctrine is that if you ask Jesus to come into your life, there is nothing you can do that would ever cause you to lose your salvation. But according to the scriptures, the atonement of Jesus Christ does not absolve our responsibility to learn and be obedient to all the points of his doctrine.


While the events of Jesus’ death and resurrection surely form the foundation for a Christian’s hope of salvation, have you considered that the New Testament contains many points of doctrine taught by Jesus and his apostles that true disciples are required to believe and do in order to obtain salvation? Are you aware that the New Testament indicates that all of the following are required to obtain salvation?


  • Belief in the teaching of Jesus and his apostles
  • Love of the gospel as the truth
  • Faith that is demonstrated by acts of righteousness (works)
  • Baptism for remission of sins by one having authority to become part of God’s chosen people, the house of Israel
  • Confess by both words and deeds our belief in Jesus Christ
  • Prayer for repentance of our sins and for strength to continue in the gospel
  • Endurance to the end in keeping the gospel’s commandments and putting aside the temptations of this life
  • Trust that the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ can make up for our shortcomings
  • Hope for resurrection and salvation in the kingdom of God



If you think all that is necessary is to believe in Jesus, consider that the book of James says: Thou believest there is one God; thou doest well; the devils also believe, and tremble; thou hast made thyself like unto them, not being justified. There is a difference between “believing in Jesus” and “believing Jesus.” Are you willing to base your hope of salvation on a single point of doctrine?


When considering the points of doctrine as a whole, the true gospel message is: After doing all that we can to keep the commandments then the grace of Jesus Christ is sufficient for our salvation.


At the Church of Jesus Christ Zion’s Branch, we endeavor in our daily walk to stand fast in one spirit, with one mind, striving together for the faith of the true, uncompromised gospel. If you have similar desires, we invite you to attend our services at Zion’s Branch.

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