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Have You Considered? Salvation and the Church

Saints of the Restoration
“Have You Considered?”
Published December 30th, 2007

Are you attending a church with the desire of obtaining celestial glory? If so, have you considered that it is not the church as an organization that has the power of salvation? Salvation comes through adherence to the gospel of Jesus Christ, including baptism by priesthood authorized to function in the stead of Jesus Christ as restored in May 1829.


Authority to organize the church was also restored in May 1829, although the actual organization did not occur until April 1830.  Between May 1829 and April 1830 many people were baptized by those having restored priesthood authority. Their baptisms were not into an organization but into Jesus Christ; the same is true now.


Priesthood authority is not a result of having the legal right to a specific church name or having a leader who is a literal descendent of the founder of a church.


Priesthood who teach a gospel other than the gospel taught by Jesus Christ and his authorized apostles lose their authority.  Members who seek celestial glory while relying on priesthood without authority risk losing the salvation they desire.


The priesthood and members of the Church of Jesus Christ Zion’s Branch seek celestial glory and are on a never-ending search for the true gospel.  If you have similar desires, we invite you to attend our services at Zion’s Branch.

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