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Sermon, March 27th, 2011 (Part 1) – Elder Ron Perkins

 This is a video recording of a sermon given at The Church of Jesus Christ, Zion’s Branch.
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“Build A Strong Foundation – Part 1”
Elder Ron Perkins

Continue to: Sermon, March 27th, 2011 (Part 2)



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Focus Points and Scriptural References for this sermon.

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Focus PointsScriptural References
1) The Inspired Version of the Bible is a bible translated by divine guidance. People sometimes have trouble with the concept that God talked with a man to create this translation.
2) The Book of Mormon is ridiculed by some people because of the perverted actions of some who proclaim belief in The Book of Mormon, who twist the scriptures to fit the desires of man.
3) There is more to attaining salvation than just proclaiming a belief in Jesus Christ.
4) The mercy of God can only be considered with the judgment from God.
5) The true gospel provides prophecies and a plan for salvation for those who choose to believe. The gospel also provides punishment for those who refuse to believe.
6) Just as in the time of Jesus, man today perverts the gospel, changing it into something to suite man’s desires.
7) The scriptures must not be changed. If the gospel is worth following, it is worth following the gospel the right way.
8) A spiritual leader must do more than just teach the gospel...he must also live in such a way that brings honor to God.
9) Those who teach for monetary gain must be rebuked.
10) Man must recognize that the standard from God is encompassing of all things. The path is narrow for those who choose to follow it.
11) We should not be concerned about offending man as we faithfully follow the true gospel. We must be concerned about offending God.
12) When you see Jerusalem surrounded by enemies, you can know that the time of desolation is near.

Galatians 1:6-8

Titus 1:1

2nd Timothy 4:3

Matthew 24:12

Luke 21:19

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