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Sermon, October 2nd, 2011, Elder Ron Perkins

 This is a video recording of a sermon given at The Church of Jesus Christ, Zion’s Branch.
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Sermon – Elder Ron Perkins
“Sharing The Gospel Throughout The World”


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Focus Points and Scriptural References for this sermon.

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Focus PointsScriptural References
1) We are friends of those who share the love of the truth found in the gospel.
2) Every action we take can have a profound effect on those around us and beyond to those who come into contact with our works.
3) We must examine ourselves using the Bible (Inspired Version) and the Book of Mormon (1908 Version) as our standards.
4) We must understand why we believe what we believe.
5) We must study to be able to recognize false prophets.
6) God is a god of miracles, truth and promises.
7) We are all on a journey during our lifetime on earth.
8) This journey must be founded on the truth found in the gospel.
9) A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways.
10) Our minds must be single minded to the glory of God.
11) Our adherence to the gospel pleases God.
12) We must not be guilty of waiting until we have a need to learn about the gospel.
13) Our life is but a vapor that appears for a short time.

Galatians 4:16

John 6:67-69

James 1:6-8

3rd Nephi 6:25-27

James 4:14

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