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This website is dedicated to sharing the true gospel of Jesus Christ. We are a small church, but we are working in a big way to reach out with replays of our classes and sermons. We currently have


64 Sermon Replays

90 Class Replays


representing over 93 hours of available scriptural study and messages on our website. Come back often and study with us as these numbers continue to grow in service to God!

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What is worship like at Zion’s Branch?


 At Zion’s Branch you won’t feel “preached at” and you won’t feel like you’re watching a television preacher, a politician, or professor. Sermons are about 20-30 minutes long. Our priesthood’s style is biblical, personable, often humorous, and always heartfelt.


Our first Sunday service starts at 10:00 am, followed by class around 10:15 am and a traditional sermon at 11:00 am. We also have a Sunday evening class at 6:00 pm. Wednesday evening service are announced in advance and usually held at 7:00 pm.


Laughter is something you’ll hear regularly from pulpit and pew. We take the time to hear aloud members’ prayer concerns and requests. While the order of worship looks similar from week to week, you’ll also find changes that keep you on your toes.


Informal attire is entirely welcome at Zion’s branch, as is traditional church attire. That’s not by design, it’s just who we are.


If you enjoy singing, bring your voice to Zion’s Branch. We don’t have a band but we do have lungs. Special music is a regular part of our service, whether it is singing a solo or singing with accompaniment, everyone is welcome to participate.


Sacrament is served the first Sunday of each month. If you have been baptized by one having authority from God you are welcome to take sacrament with us. If you are not baptized, we invite you to learn more about the commitment to God through being baptized. If you want your children to be baptized, or you yourself want to be baptized, let us share with you what it means so that you can fully enjoy God’s gracious symbol. Adults and children beginning at age eight, the Biblical standard as the age of accountability, are eligible to be baptized.



How do You Join Our Church?


We are not a big church, but that gives us a big advantage. You are able to gain a whole new set of people that care about you when you are a part of Zion’s Branch.


You’re welcome to attend and participate any time. But please consider making a formal commitment to the body of Christ at Zion’s Branch. Christ calls us to join together, to profess our commitment to one another, to combine our time, our talents and our treasures to do things we could never do on our own.


Don’t be lead into believing that you can rely on a television preacher for your own personal salvation. We believe there is no such thing as “private” faith. A Biblical faith is one which dedicates itself to a body of believers.


Joining Zion’s Branch is as simple as making a commitment to God through baptism. Becoming part of it takes initiative on everyone’s part. And because we’re small, we need everyone to do their part, whether it’s mowing the grass, cleaning the church or just having a shoulder to lean on.


Like your own family, our church family is a team effort. That’s not just the organizational speech. Our goal is to be a household of faith where God is pleased to dwell.