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Saints Admonition


Download PDF of An Admonition to all Saints of the Restoration
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September 7, 2007


While earnestly contemplating and in sincere prayer concerning the Lord’s will regarding His church and His people, it has come to my mind by the power of His Holy Spirit that it is time for all things to be set in order.


The restoration of the fullness of the gospel is true; however, man has perverted and changed the everlasting gospel into something totally against God’s teachings.


Those of the Restoration have followed sinful and ignorant men who have followed their own ways instead of God’s ways.  A perversion of the truth has led to disorder and scattering of those who are indeed seeking the right way.  Dishonorable priesthood have led people after their own thoughts and desires, subverting men’s souls that they cannot be partakers of the celestial gift.


Prideful leaders have used altered words of My Gospel and latter day revelation to give themselves power over My people, who are of the House of Israel.  I say unto you their lies will not stand in the day of judgment.  The things of men will come to naught and the precious truth of the kingdom will save men’s souls.


I warn you to beware of the things altered by men who claim they are My words and they are not.  These men use the book of Doctrine and Covenants as a sword to bring My people into the bondage of Satan and not in the service of the living God.


You, the people, are not without blame for you are told to study to show thyself approved, and I say you have not studied for yourselves but have allowed others to subvert your souls by false teachings.


These false teachers have no knowledge of the covenant with My “chosen people, Israel”; for this covenant came I into the world that they who believe may be saved by the acceptance of the covenant and those who reject it will indeed be cursed at the last day.


Those who are the children of confusion meet together in vanity to satisfy their own lusts and desires and not in the service of righteousness.  They wait for an order that has already been given in these last days.  They waste their lives waiting on something that will not happen.  My Church is here and is going forward among those who truly believe My words.


Many errors were brought forth early in My Church, yet My Spirit strove with men that they might see the error of their ways and come to a knowledge of the truth.  Yet ignorant and prideful men changed not from their course of self-aggrandizement and treated My laws as if they were their laws, and could change them at their will.  I say unto you the day has come that I will no longer be tolerant of their willful ignorance but will require knowledge and obedience to My word that indeed all Israel shall be gathered home.


I give these words unto my servant that he would be mighty in word and deed concerning the true points of My doctrine, that he might be strong in bringing to pass the gathering of My people who are of the House of Israel, to the land of their inheritance, this very land of Zion, that My Kingdom will be established.


Thus saith the Spirit of the Lord.
Elder Ronald K. Perkins


We bear testimony to the truthfulness of this message and ask that all who are associated with the gospel restored by the power of God through Joseph Smith on April 6, 1830 give it prayerful consideration.


Elders William R. McQuinn and Clayton E. Barber
Priest Christopher K. Page
The congregation of The Church of Jesus Christ, Zion’s Branch


Church of Jesus Christ Zion’s Branch, 108 S. Pleasant, Independence, MO 64050    816-833-4377

One Response to Saints Admonition

  • Brad Whitley says:

    I bear testimomy that this revelation is true. Please pray and consider my family. We live in Wilson NC. We believe in The Book of Mormon. WE ARE NOT LDS. Pray that the Lord willopen a door for an elder to preach here in eastern NC.

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